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Vision – Looking to the Future

Assisting regeneration
By giving greater cohesion and identity to the city centre, the initiative will help establish Bristol as one of Europe's leading cities, generating unparalleled interest and acting as a catalyst for further inward investment.

A Creative response
Bristol Legible City is an innovative regeneration initiative that focuses on ways to underpin the local economy and environmental quality by enhancing the city centre's infrastructure in new and creative ways. By giving each neighbourhood cohesion and identity, the initiative will help to place Bristol ahead of cities that are seeking to improve and regenerate their own town centres. It will create a contemporary and dynamic environment with qualities that confirm it as a European regional capital and a city looking forward to the future.

A place for people
The programme will help create a place that is welcoming, vibrant and easily understood by visitors, more successful for its businesses and more enjoyable for everyone. By focussing on the needs of the user, the benefits are for everyone in the city – local businesses, attractions, transport operators and residents. Here lies the challenge for a scheme of this nature – mutual benefits are difficult to fund collaboratively and are difficult to direct with such a mix of stakeholders. The strength of the Bristol Legible City approach is the ability to provide a unifying direction and implementation team that can ensure the success of different projects within a coherent user-focussed plan.

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