Adshel is the award-winning street furniture brand of ClearChannel Worldwide, the leading out-of-home advertising company. Active in 65 countries, ClearChannel operates over 6,000 municipal contracts around the world. Adshel works in partnership with municipalities to provide the highest quality street furniture product solutions that are best suited to each individual city's needs, at no cost to themselves or the local taxpayer.

Adshel is the major partner for the City Council, fundamentally involved with the funding and development of the Legible City programme. In addition, to ensure the long term success of the initiative, it has been imperative that elements of the Legible City programme is continually maintained. Adshel has therefore an ongoing relationship with the City Council for the upkeep and maintenance of the City Centre systems.

Bristol is a UK showcase for Adshel, used as an example of what can be achieved with partnership to improve and enhance the urban environment.

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