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Bristol Legible City Partnership and Client Group

The Partnership

Bristol Legible City is a partnership between a number of regional and local bodies. Each has an interest and an understanding of the needs and desires of Bristol. Led by the City Council the group has sponsored the Legible City initiative since its inception in 1995.

The Broadmead Board Limited
Bristol City Council
Bristol Chamber of Commerce and Initiative
Bristol Cultural Development Partnership
Bristol Harbourside Sponsors Group
Bristol Tourism & Conference Bureau
Bristol 2008
Public Art South West
South West Regional Development Agency

Bristol Legible City Client Group
Priorities are determined by the Bristol Legible City Client Group, consisting of key officers within Bristol City Council and heads of major urban and visitor destinations including Broadmead and the Bristol Tourism and Conference Bureau.

Client Group Members

Cllr Helen Holland - Executive Environment, Transport
and Leisure
Alastair Brook - Team Manager City Centre Projects and Urban Design
Tina Speake - Design/Project Officer, City Centre Projects and Urban Design
Jonathan Banks - Bristol Legible City Arts Project Manager Jane Greenaway - Marketing Officer, Parks Development Jan Harvey - Coordinator, Visual Technology
Mike Boxall - Coordinator, Traffic Management
(South and East)
Mike Ginger - Acting Coordinator, Special Projects
John Roy - Coordinator, Cycling and Pedestrian Issues, Traffic Management
Phil Higgins - Information & Development Officer, Corporate Communications
Andrew Kelly - Director, Bristol Cultural Development Partnership and Bristol 2008
Maggie Bolt - Director, Public Art South West
John Hallett - Bureau Manager, Bristol Tourism and Conference Bureau
John Hirst - Broadmead Manager, Broadmead Board Limited

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