Design Guidelines
Bristol Legible City has a recognised font, colour palette and range of icons. For an identity to keep its integrity, simplicity, and be used effectively, guidelines must be created.

A key requirement was, therefore, an accessible and usable information source containing the design guidelines for building, extending or altering information components. This enables continuity and adaptation and takes into account any change in personnel or operators. This allows information systems to be improved, rather than replaced with new.

Design guidelines have been created for each of the range of components. This includes information basics such as 3D mapping, and mapping panels. The initial guideline document for the pedestrian signing system was produced with the component installation in 2001 and contains all the information needed to develop, design and manufacture further components. This is available in hard copy or electronically.

Sign system guidelines
The guidelines and specifications include information on: the basic visual elements (colours, font, icons, the range of components, the detailed information content, directional sign information, positioning and artwork, location and neighbourhood naming positioning and the city centre diagram.

Mapping guidelines
The Area Maps guidelines include information on: planning principles; visual elements; master base maps; details (streets/spaces), 3D landmarks, typography, icons, walk circles and artworking of monolith items. This includes positioning guide, limitations to vitreous enamel process and the correct supply of artwork files.

If Bristol Legible City is to develop as a publicly recognised information system, it needs careful control and housekeeping. To achieve this goal the information should be held by an Information Gatekeeper. By example, the pedestrian signing system is controlled by the manager of Visual Technology, a division of Bristol City Council. Release for usage is controlled through the client group, project coordinator and the gatekeeper.