Mapping system
Research showed that the city centre of Bristol has a notoriously poor ‘mental picture’ – so the design of usable maps was adopted very early on in route-finding concepts. The final designs adopted a unique ‘heads-up’ viewpoint of pedestrian maps with the addition of three-dimensional landmarks. Their development is focussed on their ability to be helpful to the general public – who contributed during tests and research.
Unique heads-up mapping
The majority of the population do not have the specialist dimensional skill of a map-reader, an architect or an orienteer – who can view a north-south map and calculate direction. So the ‘Heads-up’ maps used on panels in the street are oriented according to where they are situated, and not north-south. What you see on the map is right in front of you. Each panel is therefore designed individually - on the 40 in the current system there are 80 uniquely different local walking maps.
Map design
3D landmarks
City Centre map
Suite of parts