Graphic identity

Bristol Transit Typeface

A central element of the Legible City visual language is the development of the ‘Bristol Transit’ typeface. The typeface is used consistently on all new information provided by the initiative, and creates a distinctive signature for Bristol.

Adapted from the award winning Berlin information system, the typeface is highly readable, making it ideal for delivering information within the public realm. Also, a number of tests were carried out on out-of-doors readability. White out text is more readable at distance, and the use of lower case letters aids the recognition of words.

icons, pictograms and colours
In addition to the typeface, a set of icons and colours for Bristol Legible City have been designed to be instantly understood by the widest audience. Wherever possible internationally recognised symbols have been used to aid recognition.

A flexible palette of colours, chosen for Bristol Legible City, add coherence and legibility to communications. Based on Bristol ‘blue’ other colours are follow standard conventions; red for Hospitals and light blue for parking.