Bristol Legible City information resource
This information resource has been created to inform everyone about the progress and future of the Bristol Legible City initiative. A wide source of information is published in the resource in four main sections – covering the background to Bristol and the initiative, the concepts and methods behind the development of Legible Cities. A large overview and in-depth details of all of the individual projects are contained in the projects section. In addition, Highlighting represents links to relevant projects and other articles. These can be found throughout the resource.

The Information resource has been edited and produced by Tim Fendley, one of the original design team behind the initiative. The site has been constructed by AIG: and contributions have been made by a wide group of collaborators involved with Bristol Legible City. There are full details of all credits.

As constant supporters of the aims and vision of Bristol Legible City, this project has been kindly provided by Bristol City Council and Adshel. Their constant interest and investment has been fundamental to the continued success of the initiative.