i+ Touch Screen information points
The i+ points are street based touch-screen information kiosks. They provide live and relevant information about your immediate location – a key part of Bristol City Council’s aim to provide a diverse range of ways for people to find out about the city.

Over 19 i+points are sited around Bristol City Centre. They provide a variety of information, including up to date news from the BBC, tourist information from VisitBristol, details of where to shop, events and what to do. Fun plays an element too; there are games to play and you can send an email for free. This all helps to connect people to Bristol.

In March 2003, there were 28,000 visits made to the city wide i+points. The most visited i+ point is located on the Centre Promenade and the average visits, per month, per point, is 1,410.

The i+ system was created and is managed on an ongoing basis by Cityspace. Bristol City Council has a long term agreement with Cityspace for their upkeep and development. Another example of working in partnership, i+ points will provide a relevant service for Bristol for a number of years.