‘Welcome to Bristol' Walking Map
Commissioned with the simple aim to provide the visitor with a free walking map of the centre of Bristol. The look, feel and information relate directly to the pedestrian signing system and the user is given more information on how to move around the city.

The map includes details of railway and bus terminals, waterways and ferries, taxi locations, car parks, hospitals and neighbourhoods. In addition, on the reverse, the central area is extended to include Clifton, and there is written information about travelling by foot, bike or ferry, as well as by bus, train or car. Useful numbers, tourist information advice are also included. The map is created using all of the elements of the Bristol Legible City graphic identity.

600,000 copies of the map were printed and are available for free through the Bristol Tourist Information Bureau and through hotels, universities, shops, public facilities and libraries.

The public response has been very supportive and favourable and the take up rate has been high. Bristol Cultural Development Partnership is currently undertaking a survey and assessment – so we should know more soon.