Edible Playscape
Edible Playscape was an art proposal by Nils Norman for the City Centre roundabout, St James Barton. The roundabout, which is characteristic of post war city centre redevelopment, is an open area sunken below a network of highways. Nils Norman proposed converting the roundabout into a community allotment where a large sculpture would be sited, named The Monument to Civil Disobedience. The sculpture would also function as an adventure playground, and would be connected to the surrounding city by skywalks and bridges. The proposal, which takes the form of a two-sided poster, asks viewers to consider their own aspirations against the agendas of the organisations and agencies who determine the design and use of public space.

The Arnolfini and Bristol Legible City commissioned Edible Playscape as part of ‘Trouble Shooting’; an exhibition of the work of contemporary artists that addressed the public sphere through re-imagining spaces of leisure and considering the activities destined for those spaces.